Lonely Slime Post GMTKJam Patch Version 2.1!


As this was our first ever game jam, we've faced some difficulties during the 48 hours development of our game. We are really thankful for all the constructive comments left by our gamers out here and will strive to make the game more complete, as well as playable to enhance the game experience! As such, the specifics of the changes will be stated below:

* Improved assignment of keys *

We know, we know. We made a mistake by assigning impossible keys to some of you which included the function keys which should be avoided unless necessary. Some of they keys that were assigned for your slime to move and jump were not even working... We are sorry for this :(

We hear you! We have revamped the key assignment mechanic by removing functional keys as well as some other keys which should not be used in this game! We do have to apologize to non-English keyboard users though. We currently have not thought of how to revamp the game such that it is playable for everyone of you out there and hence this game is best played if you have a English keyboard. We promise that we will look into this matter and make this game available for everyone!

* Smoother transition of rotation *

Previously when you reached a certain checkpoint, the map seemed to rotate so abruptly that you had no idea what just happened as it seemed as if the slime has teleport-ed to another map when in fact it is still in the same map. This was a common issue among our players and we have looked into how to solve that issue.

We made the rotation of the map a smoother transition so that players know what is happening when they're reached the checkpoint that caused the rotation of the map.

* UI Changes *

Previously, many of our players stated that the text font that was responsible for alerting them in the changes of movement and jump keys were too small and hence unclear for them. As such, they could not decipher on which keys were assigned to them, making the game unplayable for them.

Hence, we have make the text font much bigger so that it will be clear to the players on which keys to move or make the slime jump in order to get to the last goal. That way, players need not strain their eyes and try to figure out the keys to use. Oh! It will alert you when changing as well :).

* Possible Addition of Minimap *

As this is a rather huge map and it is rotating the moment you reach a certain checkpoint, it might be too confusing for the player to know which direction to go to in order to reach the last checkpoint.

Hence, a minimap would definitely be helpful and we will  place it at the top right of the screen where players can track the slime's current position as well as the end goal to complete the game. No more blindly trying to figure out which part of the map you are at currently anymore! We are currently looking into this so please give us some time to figure this out :)

* Conclusion *

We thank everyone for trying out and making comments to improve on lonely slime. The previous version of the game (with bugs) had make it so impossible for anyone to complete the game :( that so sadddddd. With the new updates and patches, we hope that everyone will have enjoyable time playing it and help this lonely slime find his friendsssss :) Oh, challenge your friends to can finish the game the fastest and let us know in the comment section with the screenshot of the timing! :D We will create a leaderboard on the main page.


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Jul 22, 2020

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An elaborate devlog which goes through in detail every changes made. Will post a comment about the game after I have tried the new and improved game.

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Good to see the team making changes according to some of our comments! Really detailed devlog to let the players know what changed for the better. Will be trying out this game soon!