Defend your 3 castles for 5 minutes from the angry enemies who are out to destroy your castle and you!

  • WASD-key 
 Merchant Shop:
  • F-key when near you one eye companion to open the shop to buy Spells to help you defeat the waves
  • Select the spell you want to buy and click buy
  • Change the tab to equip the spells you purchased!
  • Drag and drop the spells to your skill bar
  • Left click for basic attack 
  • 1/2/3/4/5 for advanced attacks but must be purchased 1st from the shop before use (click and drag spells from the shop to your tab to equip the purchased spells)
  • Fireball - shoot out a ball of fire that travel a straight path through the enemies
    • 6Key / 2.4sec timer / 2 chance / CD 5sec
  • Firetrail - dash towards the direction you want with fire trailing at the back 
    • 4Key / 1.6sec timer / 1 chance / CD 4sec
  •  Firenado - summon a tornado made out of a fire on the targeted area 
    • 10key / 4.0sec timer / 1 chance / CD 8sec
  • Earth Wall - 12key / 4.8sec timer / 3 chance /CD 10sec
  • Icicle - shoot out ice in cone shape that will stop the enemy on track 
    •  6Key / 2.4sec timer / 2 chance / CD 5sec
  • Poison Wall - summon a wall of poison that poison and slow when in contact 
    • 10key / 4.0sec timer / 1 chance / CD 8sec
  • Decoy - leave a decoy behind when teleporting to the targeted area  
    • 4Key / 1.6sec timer / 1 chance / CD 4sec
  • Lighting strike - summon a lighting that on the targeted area 
    • 6Key / 2.4sec timer / 2 chance / CD 5sec
  • Laser - shoot out a laser  
    • 6Key / 2.4sec timer / 2 chance / CD 5sec


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Can you try change some background? I think it to clear, Example like forest at the background have some trees, walk paths, rocks.

I can't open the shop by pressing F :(

thank for trying! you have to get close to the one eye companion to gain access to the shop! :)


There was a weird interaction between the flagbearers just standing in place and buffing each other for eternity.
Description should probably specify the need to  be next to the Beholder to access the shop
QTEs for spellcasting is a weird choice that I honestly think doesn't work well, ends up being confusing, jarring, and pulls you out of the experience. Would probably be better if the QTEs were to be done with a mouse. Like needing to click/click and drag nodes on the screen to cast the spell

Otherwise it's a pretty alright game for a game made in a week. 

That's a pretty good idea. Will look into it! thank you!