Ho,  adventurer! The King has summoned you on a grand quest to recover his long lost... left sock? That can't be right, let's see here... pet ferret? Hmm. What did you say your name was aga- are those cultist's robes?

Puzzle your way through the King's lands! Roll for you hero and your quest, and pick up abilities as you go!

Play through the map as different classes assigned to you to find The King's missing item. Try your luck to see if the barrels around the map drop you anything useful if you hit it with your weapon by holding down the left mouse button. Collect little power ups along the way to help you clear through the hazards around the map that are stopping you!


Glide: Hold Shift key

Fly: Hold Shift Key

Dash: Right Mouse Button

Double Jump: Press SPACE twice

Normal Jump: SPACE

Wall Jump/Wall Slide: Press SPACE when leaning on the wall

Player basic movement: WASD

Attack: Left Mouse Button

Yes there are some bugs now making the game unplayable but fear not! We are fixing everything now and if you want to try the post jam version, do let us know!!


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