Far away above the mother earth, Airships have turned our sky to a battlefield. You are the pilot controlling your own cockpit (use WASD to move around). Weapon modules are floating everywhere. Go near them and let them dock on your ship to make your ship stronger and powerful! You NEED them to attack your enemy. The more you join on your Airship, the more power you get! You can destroy the enemy by aiming at their cockpit or even go near their weapon modules to steal from them. Take note! When your weapon module get attacked for more than 3 times, it will be disjoined from your Airship. Game is over when your cockpit gets destroyed. So PROTECT YOUR COCKPIT ! There are shield modules around that you can join to your Airship to make it more protected. Now, have fun and win the battle!


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A fair bit janky, but that's to be expected in game jam games, other than that, it's a very creative and well-executed idea. Great Work!

Hi will fix the issue after the jam! so sorry!


this would be a fun game but it has a fatal glitch where you can just run over other ships and take all of their parts off.

I had the same issue. 

looks fun too

Hi will fix the issue after the jam! so sorry!