Canda, the infamous mercenary, trying to escape the tomb after stealing the powers of time.

WASD to move
Space for narrative
R to restart the level
ESC to quit

Magician: Shoot fireball that travel once every turn.
Spike: Spike up every standard turn.
Slimy: Shoot laser that travel 4 tile-range.
Skeley: patrol back and forth while attack all 4 directions after moving.

Ancient Ruins BGM - Ted Kerr 2017
Ruins Of Empire BGM - Tausdei
Main Character - sylvius fischer

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Turn-based Strategy, Unity


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Interesting game, but the difficulty spike on the last level was too much for me.

Thanks for trying!

Hey there

hope you are doing good

i just played your game and it was very good, entertaining and fun. your game is polished and also its for the brackeys game jam 2020 (even i participated but my game got removed, u can find it here)

the concept was interesting to see how you could interpret the theme rewind

but however i would like you to give more hints on what to do and how to clear the level because apparently i couldnt get past one of the levels (i think 2nd or 3rd) because i couldnt think like what to do (or it can be because i am bad at puzzle games)

other than that the story line, polishing and the graphics are all good

also dont forget to subscribe the channel and like the video if you like it and want to watch more such content (maybe another game from you)


heres the video:

have fun :D

Hi! thanks for trying! Sorry about the difficulty.. i saw the video and i think you almost got the solution somewhere in the middle. Just that you didnt realise the laser would disappear in the next turn. Hope you would try again! Appreciate the video!

hey there

Your game was fun and entertaining.

Just after the video got published I had gone again to try it again and apparently I had cleared the level but had no time to record it and put the video together


But it was a cool game and a good interpretation of the theme

Congrats on finishing it! Dont worry about the video! Hope you do enjoy it :)

Unique concept with a good level of challenge! I like it :-)


Hey. I just played your game and recorded a video about it. I think that the game is entertaining and engaging. It is difficult to suggest anything in this case. Your game looks well and polished. I hope to see even bigger projects from you. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, I still hope you like the video, and if you like such content, please subscribe.

Hey thanks for playing! appreciate it! :)

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Loved the game a lot! Cannot wait to see more, was legitimately sad for it to end xD gonna follow and keep up with this

Thanks for playing! You are actually pretty good at it! Saw the bug on your video. Will be fixing it today XD

Interesting concept and I felt as if I was playing a game of chess while planning every single moves

Really enjoy this simple game which forces me to think before making any moves!