It's a global pandemic season! Do your part to slice up some virus cells. 

These cells get stronger and faster when they are combined together. 

Use your mouse to slash them apart before they get too big! 

Game Mechanics

- Use left click to slice the enemies

- Use the WASD keys, hold right click or put your mouse at the side of the screen  to move the camera around

- Slice up the enemies and prevent them from combining to level 5

- Once a level 5 enemy is born you will have 10 seconds to find and slice it up

- The game is over when you are unable to slice the level 5 enemies in time


Normal Cell - will merge with nearby cells

Bomb Cell - a timer bomb that explode after you hit them

Grape Cell - explode into normal cells if you slice them

Danny Cell - Eat normal cells but has a limit

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorssohwathismelvin, vanguy88
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Endless, One-shot, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unity


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This is fun to play! Here is my suggestion. I noticed I was holding down the mouse button all the time So I suggest either add a benefit to not holding down the button, or make just mousing over the cells be the attack, and holding down either button be for moving.

Thanks for the ideas! What do you mean either button be for moving? Because holding down right click can move the cam as well :)

I meant that if you don't need to use the button for slicing, you could have the left button move the cam the way the right button does. Or one can be faster than the other, I don't know if that's easy to do.

mmm, very cool game! I like the long ramp up time to give players the chance to figure out what is going on on the first go! Definitely mastered the concept of "juiciness"!
my high score was 4:47! 

thank you for the kind words!

Wow, what a great game! Easy to pick up, and hard to master, adicting, creative core concept, and very polished. Great job! I aspire to be able to make games like this one day.

thanks for the kind words, my friend

Hey there again, I made a review gameplay video for your game a while ago and since you updated the game I made a follow up one to talk about the changes that you made, here is what I found:

  • The gameplay is much smoother now and the sound effects seem more improved, I loved the new skins and color that you gave to the cells, all is greatly done.
  • I want to talk about the new feature you added as a controller in the game, the mouse is a great addition but bear in mind that when I wanted to slice some cells at the edge and since you added that feature the map moves even that I am just trying to stay still and slice cells at the edge, so I want to recommend a game options regarding controls; to either use keyboard to move or mouse.
  • There is in minute 03:58 a cell that went over the edges of the game map inside, which I imagine that is the limits (the wall) so you might consider letting the cells bounce off the wall or limit their interaction over it.

Hope that my small ideas and humble review is going to help here… Looking forward to see this game takes off, best of luck.


Hello! thanks for playing and wow making a video again!

So sorry about the new cam movement, will try to revamp it soon! 

Thanks for the feedbacks! I do appreciate it! 

P.S. I have already subscribed to your channel :)


Such an amazing game you have there, so sipmle and so hard to master it, your game is one of the most ones that I truly enjoyed recently on Really loving this game.

And thank you so much for the sub in the channel lol, you did told me last time... thought it would be funny to mention it in the video.


Thanks for the love my friend. Do appreciate it :)


Hope you would love the updates that we have planned!

Hey there, just found the time to get back to reviewing games here and here is your gameplay video with its review… I do need support though, so do subscribe to my YouTube channel, it will keep me motivated to do more reviews like this.

  • Without a doubt, the game is too fun and can be extremely addictive with the competition to who will survive longer.
  • I have an idea to make other types of microbes, viruses, and other cells and add these as levels with a max timing when reached by the players, the level changes.
  • The sound effects of slicing the cells is really cool, I really like it so well done on that.
  • I truly liked the design of those moving cells, you did great there.
  • I like the music too that changes when the player close to lose, it is really intense, well done in selecting the sound tracks.
  • I am not sure but can you check this please? I think you can’t slice them unless you slice them perfectly in the middle, in minute 06:45 you can check that I could not slice there in the first few tries, I might be wrong so second perspectives are needed before judging here.
  • I think you should make the countdown more clear, cause sometimes when players are focused on the intense last moments they intend not to notice the countdown, plus it white fainted colour comparing to its surrounding background.
  • The video contains some reviews scattered, adding to that I have an idea about making a leaderboard system inside the game for top players. This game has real good potential if you keep working on it in the future.

Hey there! Thanks for playing and leaving a detailed feedback! I just made an update and probably fix some of the issues you faced. Feel free to try it again :) 

That's what I like to hear :) I will take a look and replay to you here soon

I don't know why it bothers me so much but technically viruses are not made of cells! So what are we slicing really...

Other than that not bad. Made it to 4:33



well, in my first try




AAARRHGG really good game! can't reach 4 mins tho :( hahaha

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4:57 :OO this was really tough

ss plsssss

aaaaa I deleted the tab! I'll see if I can again but one thing I noticed is that the cutting feature didn't always work for me :\

its happen for some browers though hmmm maybe you can try the downloaded one!

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3:59 is my record

ahaha gj

4:03 pog

omg ss pls

I wish I had so Imma try to get it again


Here you go

damnnn you are good

Ty lol

Hold up


3:23... it's impossible to maintain after a while... Nice one :D


why is everyone so good?